Guerrier Léopard Black Tank


Guerrier Léopard Black Tank

In Congo in the province of Kasai-Occidental there’s an ethnic group called the Tetela (Batetela). When a boy became a young man he would go through an initiation and he would wear leopard skin and would become a warrior. They called those young men “Guerrier Léopard” meaning leopard Warrior. See this particular ethnic group wasn’t quite like the others; they gave hard time to the Belgian colonizers to colonize them. more When they would hear of Colonizers coming they would clear out the whole village, the Belgians would come and they would spend the night. While they’re sleeping the “Guerrier Léopard” would come out with bow and arrows and kill the colonizers. These young men were essentially the protectors of their heritage, their home.

- Falling Whistles

  • 4.2 oz, 100% combed + ring-spun cotton



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