Written by Dyzzle. Posted in Gorilla Blog.

This was the first time we were able to get the DRC ApeParel theme song to play in DRCongo. The dancers (Meshake & Beianco) two members of Goma's Street DancersCrew performed rocking the "Made in Goma" & "Youth Made it Happen!" tees. Both of which were designed by DRC ApeParel in the USA but printed/produced in DRCongo. They were created in the DRCreators Workshop held at the YOLE!Africa community center compound in Goma, DRCongo as part of SKIFF 2014. It was an epic moment to see the crowd chant the lyrics "We Be D-R-C, D-R-C." A true testament that "Dreams Really Come" True and that APEPAREL is on the rise in the continent of Africa.



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