Nappy Luv X DRC X Congo Strong!

Written by Gorilla Ndelo. Posted in Gorilla Blog.

This years Nappy Luv entitled "The Liberation Party" hosted a true AfroPolitan vibe with creative branches rooted from Afro-Mexico, Afro-Cuba, Afro-Brazil, Afro-Columbia, the Afro-Caribbean and the Continent of Afrique itself. At the event the Soulful Songstress Ida Divine, who lives in Brooklyn now, by the humble request of Gorilla Ndelo, organized a rendition of the song "Liberation" by Outkast; which is actually where the theme of the event was birthed. The performance was orchestrated by the lovely vocals of Jessica Macks & Shavon Towler; Quill & Elevator Jay laid down the poetic and rhythmic verses, while Ida liberated our minds and captured the essence of what it means to be in unison with the harmony in our own souls. It was special to us @ DRC. It was for The Congo...
Watch the video below.



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