Black History Month 2011

Written by Jen Novelli. Posted in Gorilla Blog.

So said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his book, Strength to Love, in 1963. He believed that if the people of a society use history as a guide to living, and are humbled by it, they will make wiser choices for themselves, their families, neighbors and ultimately, the world. If they however, view themselves as makers of history, an unfounded confidence may cause the society to repeat the same mistakes again and again.

This quote provides us with another insight as well - the difference between these two can be easily confused or missed altogether by the untrained mind. He calls for us to become acquainted with disguises, know ourselves, and prepare our minds to ensure a reality in which we come closer to truth.

Dr. King is one of many important black figures in history. His philosophy and civil rights activism changed the way an entire generation and generations to come viewed themselves, society and their fellow man. As we forge ahead into February, the DRC ApeParel blog will be bringing you highlights each week of valuable people, ideas, places and events in Black History.



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