Reported Problems Around the Surrender of FDLR

Posted in Gorilla Blog.

Since the expiration of the ultimatum to the rebels of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, the population in the east of the DRC lives in a generalized psychosis. He noticed the massive displacement of populations in several villages in Walikale, Lubero, Rutshuru, places which will unfold operations. And in the village in Lushoa Kisimba group in the Walikale, school activities remain paralyzed since January 2, 2105. While some are starting to empty the villages, others ask the international community to facilitate dialogue between FDLR and Rwanda. On this, MONUSCO has to reassure the population in the east of the DRC about the military operations that will be initiated against the FDLR. According to her, all the security measures for the protection of the civilians are taken and that the public has nothing to worry about. - Bernadette Vivuya

More details listen to the French version audio of the report by Bernadette Vivuya



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